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Tough Patriots Game

Tough game against the Bengals today. We Patriots fans haven't had to sit through a lot of close games this year (I personally think the team owes all its fans for having so many close games last year), and this one was getting a bit uneasy towards the end. But once again, the Patriots look like the other team might get back into it, but then deliver the daggar to win.

I could whine and complain about the officiating since Richard Seymour was being held damn near every play, but really there were too many mental errors this week. Troy Brown intercepting a pass in the end zone and then running out, Kevin Faulk calling for a fair catch at the 5, Earthwind Morelan not turning around in the endzone when guarding Chad wonder Belichick was so upset at the press conference.

The Patriots really were firing on all cylinders on offense, but the defense really needs to step it up for the playoffs.

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  1. Patriots effing rule man. The steelers are going down, becuase personally they're like our only threat.

  2. Damn straight. The only question (in my mind), is if the Patriots will beat the Stealers in Foxboro or Pittsburgh before going on to hammer whoever comes out of the NFC (I still don't think it'll be Philly).

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